Clearzyme is a natural and organic enzyme formula designed to improve the health of your garden and enhance nutrient uptake. Special enzymes contained within accelerate the breakdown of dead roots and other organic matter while stimulating microorganisms in the root-zone. This superior flushing agent will keep irrigation systems clean and reduce and prevent salt build-up in the soil. Compatible with any nutrient program in any growing system, Clearzyme will take your growing experience to a whole new level!

  • Superior enzyme formula designed to improve the health of your garden
  • Transforms dead root material into beneficial minerals and sugars
  • Promotes stronger roots that absorb more nutrients
  • Increases growth rate and photosynthesis while enhancing the soil and root zone environment
  • Living soil and no-till friendly formula won’t harm beneficial microbes
  • Accelerates breakdown of insoluble nutrients to reduce imbalance and nutrient lockout
  • Powerful flushing agent that eliminates salt buildup in growing media   
  • Keeps irrigation systems, drippers, sprayers and pumps clean and in peak performance

DERIVED FROM: enzymes produced by bacteria 

APPLICATION RATE: 5-10 ml (1-2 tsp) per gallon of water for root drench as often as desired

Available sizes: 1 qt , 1 gal , 2.5 gal , 5 gal , 55 gal , 265 gal