Rhizocraft SP bags


Rhizocraft SP is a fully loaded bio-inoculation package. It is a dry, water-soluble root growth stimulant with endomycorrhizae as well as nitrogen-fixing, phosphorus solubilizing and growth promoting beneficial bacteria. Use Rhizocraft to bring life to the root-zone, boost natural immunity, and increase nutrient availability and uptake for heavier healthier harvests!

  • Organic, dry, water-soluble biodiverse beneficial inoculant and biostimulant compound
  • Contains bacillus, pseudomonas & streptomyces beneficial bacteria species, endomycorrhizae, humic acid, soluble sea kelp, trichoderma fungi, dextrose and yucca extract
  • Endomycorrhizae mycelium inoculates directly within root cells and establishes symbiotic relationship with plant that massively expands roots access to water and nutrients
  • Promotes quick root establishment, reduces transplant shock, increases nutrient availability, and improves overall plant health and soil health 
  • Improves plant respiration and photosynthesis while promoting cell division and lateral bud development
  • Reduces heat stress, irrigation frequency, fertilizer use, and need for pesticides
  • Effective as root drench or foliar treatment and compatible with any nutrient regime


2-4 grams (½ -1 tsp) per gallon of water or 1lb per 100 gallons of water

Apply to root zone every 1-2 weeks from seed to harvest

Available sizes: 1 pound, 2 pounds, 5 pounds, 25 pounds, 55 pounds

Contact us directly for commercial and wholesale sizes and pricing.