Terrestrial is a powerful organic fulvic acid formula derived from ancient peat deposits. This nutrient catalyst and plant energizer has shown the ability to improve photosynthesis, increase root mass, increase plant metabolism, stimulate soil microorganisms, and improve plant respiration by increasing oxygen absorbed by root-zone. Due to a high cation exchange capacity, nutrients are bound to these microscopic acids for more direct and immediate uptake. Use Terrestrial in all phases of growth for a hardier, more vibrant, and more productive garden!

  • Fulvic acids increase the availability of nutrients and mineral absorption into root cells
  • Nutrients are bound to the negatively charged microscopic acids and allowed to pass easily through cell walls
  • Once inside plant tissues, fulvic acids deliver nutrients to where they are needed the most
  • Enhances cell division and elongation leading to significant root growth
  • Protects against abiotic stress from drought and high salinity
  • Helps stabilize soil pH and correct nutrient lock-out
  • May help protect against heavy metal toxicity
  • Effective as root drench or foliar treatment

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:  Soluble Potash (K20) 0.45% , Fulvic Acid 15.0%


APPLICATION RATE: 4-8 ml per gallon of water for root drench or foliar as often as desired

Available sizes:  1 qt , 1 gal , 2.5 gal , 5 gal , 55 gal , 265 gal