Growth Formula SP is a natural and organic fertilizer blend that provides full spectrum nutrition for optimal vegetative plant growth. Perfect for the professional or home gardener, this easy-to-use water soluble powder is highly effective and compatible with commercial irrigation systems.

  • Provides macronutrients, micronutrients, trace elements, biostimulants and carbohydrates
  • Single part base formula contains all elements needed for vigorous vegetative growth
  • Tested blend of organic ingredients carefully selected to improve plant health and boost root development
  • Rich in amino acids, enzymes, and organic nitrogen derived from non-GMO soy protein hydrolysate
  • Living soil and no-till friendly formula designed to promote rapid growth of branches and foliage
  • Easy-to-use soluble powder compatible with commercial irrigation systems
  • Feed from batch reservoirs or premix your own concentrate for direct injection fertigation

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: 9%N, 1.5%P, 7%K, 4.5%Ca, 1%Mg, 0.32%Mn, 0.35%Zn, 0.875%B, 0.125%Cu, 0.2%Fe 

DERIVED FROM: rock phosphate, soy protein hydrolysate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium borate, potassium sulfate, kelp extract, magnesium sulfate, copper sulfate, humic acid (from leonardite) 

APPLICATION RATE: 1-5grams (¼-1tsp) per gallon of water for root drench or foliar as often as desired

Available sizes: 1 lb , 2 lbs , 5 lbs , 25 lbs , 55 lbs