Regenerator is a highly effective blend of Quillaja saponaria and Yucca schidigera extracts. This is an organic soil conditioner, surfactant/wetting agent, emulsifier/adjuvant, flushing agent, biostimulant and stress/shock reducer. Use Regenerator to bring vitality to your garden and see your plants thrive like never before!

  • Blend of cold processed Quillaja saponaria and Yucca schidigera extracts
  • Steroidal saponins create microscopic portals in cell membranes, allowing water and nutrients to pass more easily into plant cells
  • Contains surfactants able to make water “wetter” by breaking surface tension
  • Allows water to penetrate compact soils for more even and thorough saturation
  • Provides better spread, coverage, and sticking of foliar applications
  • Breaks up excess salts and minerals and flushes buildup from soil and irrigation systems
  • Increases seed germination rate and seedling survival rate, as well as reduces transplant shock 
  • High brix formulation promotes overall vitality while feeding beneficial soil microbes
  • Promotes resistance to environmental stresses allowing plants to thrive in harsh conditions
  • Increases effectiveness of fertilizers leading to reduced applications

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Quillaja saponaria extract 55.0% , Yucca schidigera extract 45.0%

APPLICATION RATE: 1-2 ml (⅛-½ tsp) per gallon of water for root drench or foliar as often as desired

Use 5-15ml per gallon as adjuvant or foliar assist

Available sizes: 1 pt, 1 qt , 1 gal , 2.5 gal , 5 gal , 55 gal , 265 gal